Claude Shannon

What we talk about when we talk about digital

Suppose I’ve composed yet another brilliantly astute tweet but before I dispatch it to my tens of followers I ask you to guess it. Not just the undoubtedly on-point sentiment but every single word. I’ll make it easy and just limit it to lowercase letters but I’ll also need some special characters like # and @, quote, full stop, comma and space. So let’s say … Continue reading What we talk about when we talk about digital

The Path to Wisdom

“Where is the wisdom that we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge that we have lost in information?” T.S. Eliot ‘The Rock’ Because they invite error we should be wary of interchangeable terms and there are few that invite more than the terms data, information, knowledge and wisdom. The first two are easily muddled while the last two seem either elusive or too loaded … Continue reading The Path to Wisdom

Validating forms using Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions, though long considered a staple of any coder’s arsenal, can be used by anyone who has the tortuous task of finding the appearance of a word in multiple docs but only, say, when that word is in caps. InDesign stalwarts will be familiar with GREP which uses Regular Expressions to search for patterns in text and we can think of it as advanced Find … Continue reading Validating forms using Regular Expressions

The Four-Dimensional Human

It’s early 2000s Dublin and the author is on a night out with his fellow students and a tutor. The group are in mid toast when feeling the phone vibrating in his pocket he furtively replies under the table drawing a colourful scolding from the tutor. Looking back the author sees the beginnings of our current predicament – one in which we are “shimmering between two places” – at … Continue reading The Four-Dimensional Human

UXDX 2016

Design events are ten a penny these days but there was nothing typical about the UXDX conference focussing as it did on product from the perspective of User Experience and Developer Experience too. DX is a relatively new term but one that considers how to optimise the development process whether through automation or organisation. Talks covered the gamut from designing experiences and workplace cultures to digital transformation within organisations … Continue reading UXDX 2016

Learning Tech Labs – Cognitive Science

The Learning Tech Labs sessions have proven to be a unique forum providing an opportunity for a dialogue between education and emerging technology. This month’s was something different with two talks in and around cognitive science – one on learning and another on perception. Superintelligence When we encounter a term we’re unsure of, chances are we’ll just Google it – a common diagnostic response that produces … Continue reading Learning Tech Labs – Cognitive Science

Instagram new icon

Out with the old – The Instagram Redesign

When it comes to rebrands the response tends to be, by and large, negative. This is especially true for the digital products we use – we feel so personally invested in them because they’re a conduit for sharing our parts of our lives with family, friends and the world at large. Instagram’s rebrand was no exception to the now familiar hysteria which typically surrounds a … Continue reading Out with the old – The Instagram Redesign