UXDX 2016

Design events are ten a penny these days but there was nothing typical about the UXDX conference focussing as it did on product from the perspective of User Experience and Developer Experience too. DX is a relatively new term but one that considers how to optimise the development process whether through automation or organisation. Talks covered the gamut from designing experiences and workplace cultures to digital transformation within organisations … Continue reading UXDX 2016

Instagram new icon

Out with the old – The Instagram Redesign

When it comes to rebrands the response tends to be, by and large, negative. This is especially true for the digital products we use – we feel so personally invested in them because they’re a conduit for sharing our parts of our lives with family, friends and the world at large. Instagram’s rebrand was no exception to the now familiar hysteria which typically surrounds a … Continue reading Out with the old – The Instagram Redesign

Offset 2016

Since 2009 Offset, Dublin’s creative get together, has ballooned into a design event of international renown. Punching well above its weight since year one it should rightfully be mentioned in the same breath as that other stellar annual conference that up to recently took place in Dublin 4. While it doesn’t share that event’s scale or swagger it has brought heavyweights to Dublin that may otherwise … Continue reading Offset 2016

Interaction Design Education Summit 2016

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the Interaction Design Education Summit in Helsinki. It was part of the IxDA Interaction 16 event but these two days were focussed on design education. I wrote this piece on the Digital Skills Academy blog. I possibly reported on Andy Budd’s talk a little uncritically. His discussion centred on the failings he perceives in design education, particularly in … Continue reading Interaction Design Education Summit 2016

Make It New: The History of Silicon Valley Design

In “Make It New: The History of Silicon Valley Design” author Barry M. Katz chronicles hardware and software development from the under documented perspective of designers who “waged an ongoing guerilla campaign to to gain a hearing from the engineering overlords”. Within the book there are two examples of early computer design and the hardware and interaction design they changed . It’s tempting to think of hardware and … Continue reading Make It New: The History of Silicon Valley Design

The Golden Ratio as Design Strategy

The Golden Ratio is one of those design concepts that’s often discussed but not entirely well understood but whether you believe it to be divine or bunkum it’s worth knowing about. First up, it’s not a magic bullet; despite what Dan Brown may say it’s not encoded with divine hermetic powers but it does turn up a lot in art and nature whether it’s the Parthenon or The Last Supper. In … Continue reading The Golden Ratio as Design Strategy

Rebase 2015

I was lucky to attend the Rebase design event last week. It was a packed three days that kicked off with three talks at Wednesday evening’s Fringe event in NCAD. Fringe Event The first from Love & Robots‘ co-founder Kate O’Daly showcased their phenomenally interesting work with customisable fashion accessories and 3D printing bridging design and technology. Check out their customisable bow ties to see … Continue reading Rebase 2015