UXDX 2016

Design events are ten a penny these days but there was nothing typical about the UXDX conference focussing as it did on product from the perspective of User Experience and Developer Experience too. DX is a relatively new term but one that considers how to optimise the development process whether through automation or organisation. Talks covered the gamut from designing experiences and workplace cultures to digital transformation within organisations … Continue reading UXDX 2016

FFmpeg for video encoding

A couple of weeks ago I needed to trim an MP4 file. I didn’t necessarily want to re-encode besides I was on a machine without a media encoding application. I thought I’d try out FFmpeg which is a command line video and audio transcoder. To install FFmpeg I used Brew, the OS X Package Manager (Windows users can investigate Chocolatey): $ brew install ffmpeg It takes a … Continue reading FFmpeg for video encoding

Absolute Beginners Guide to Package Managers

We know that when we install an application we’re not just installing a single file. Instead we’re copying a whole set of files that have dependencies to each other in order for the application to install and function correctly. When we’re using the command line we can use package managers that take care of ensuring that all the necessary files are copied over to the … Continue reading Absolute Beginners Guide to Package Managers

Using Vagrant & Docker

Many developers are going ape for Docker and with very good reason. In addition Google are starting to push them on their Cloud Platform. Docker Containers are just that – self contained instances of an application and they allow us to not only exploit controlled, wafer thin virtual environments but also let us apply a modular approach to updating our applications by swapping out elements of it … Continue reading Using Vagrant & Docker