The Path to Wisdom

“Where is the wisdom that we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge that we have lost in information?” T.S. Eliot ‘The Rock’ Because they invite error we should be wary of interchangeable terms and there are few that invite more than the terms data, information, knowledge and wisdom. The first two are easily muddled while the last two seem either elusive or too loaded … Continue reading The Path to Wisdom

Learning Tech Labs – Cognitive Science

The Learning Tech Labs sessions have proven to be a unique forum providing an opportunity for a dialogue between education and emerging technology. This month’s was something different with two talks in and around cognitive science – one on learning and another on perception. Superintelligence When we encounter a term we’re unsure of, chances are we’ll just Google it – a common diagnostic response that produces … Continue reading Learning Tech Labs – Cognitive Science

Interaction Design Education Summit 2016

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the Interaction Design Education Summit in Helsinki. It was part of the IxDA Interaction 16 event but these two days were focussed on design education. I wrote this piece on the Digital Skills Academy blog. I possibly reported on Andy Budd’s talk a little uncritically. His discussion centred on the failings he perceives in design education, particularly in … Continue reading Interaction Design Education Summit 2016

UX event

UX and AI at UXCamp Dublin 2016

I was only able to make the morning session for UXCamp Dublin (20/02/16) but very glad I could.  If you’re not familiar with BarCamp it’s essentially a flatter, more ad-hoc style of conference. Flatter in that it dispenses with much of the speaker / audience division (since anyone can be a speaker) and ad-hoc since much of the schedule is arrived at by consensus before kick off. Overall this UX event was very well … Continue reading UX and AI at UXCamp Dublin 2016

Learning Tech Labs – Technology in Schools

The most recent Learning Tech Labs event took place on February 10th in Google, Dublin. Its focus was firmly on secondary education and technology. As was noted by an attendee, the distinction between technology education and technology in education is often muddled. The first speaker of the evening was Claire Conneely, Google Ireland’s Education Programme Manager who discussed Google’s education programmes for students and teachers and their commitment to interest in … Continue reading Learning Tech Labs – Technology in Schools

Learning Tech Labs January Meetup

Last week in the Science Gallery Learning Tech Labs hosted its monthly MeetUp bringing together educators, entrepreneurs, developers and those interested in the implications of technology in training and education (the distinction between the two is best characterised by Ken Robinson – most parents would be happy to know their child is receiving sex education in school; less so training). We often hear of the benefits … Continue reading Learning Tech Labs January Meetup

Rebase 2015

I was lucky to attend the Rebase design event last week. It was a packed three days that kicked off with three talks at Wednesday evening’s Fringe event in NCAD. Fringe Event The first from Love & Robots‘ co-founder Kate O’Daly showcased their phenomenally interesting work with customisable fashion accessories and 3D printing bridging design and technology. Check out their customisable bow ties to see … Continue reading Rebase 2015