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UX and AI at UXCamp Dublin 2016

I was only able to make the morning session for UXCamp Dublin (20/02/16) but very glad I could.  If you’re not familiar with BarCamp it’s essentially a flatter, more ad-hoc style of conference. Flatter in that it dispenses with much of the speaker / audience division (since anyone can be a speaker) and ad-hoc since much of the schedule is arrived at by consensus before kick off. Overall this UX event was very well … Continue reading UX and AI at UXCamp Dublin 2016

Make It New: The History of Silicon Valley Design

In “Make It New: The History of Silicon Valley Design” author Barry M. Katz chronicles hardware and software development from the under documented perspective of designers who “waged an ongoing guerilla campaign to to gain a hearing from the engineering overlords”. Within the book there are two examples of early computer design and the hardware and interaction design they changed . It’s tempting to think of hardware and … Continue reading Make It New: The History of Silicon Valley Design

Rebase 2015

I was lucky to attend the Rebase design event last week. It was a packed three days that kicked off with three talks at Wednesday evening’s Fringe event in NCAD. Fringe Event The first from Love & Robots‘ co-founder Kate O’Daly showcased their phenomenally interesting work with customisable fashion accessories and 3D printing bridging design and technology. Check out their customisable bow ties to see … Continue reading Rebase 2015

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An Anatomy of Error

“We put people in boring environments with nothing to do for hours on end, until suddenly they must respond quickly and accurately. Or we subject them to complex, high workload environments, where they are continually interrupted while having to do multiple tasks simultaneously. Then we wonder why there is failure” This is just one of the many standout quotes from Don Norman’s ‘The Design of … Continue reading An Anatomy of Error