Interaction Design Education Summit 2016

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the Interaction Design Education Summit in Helsinki. It was part of the IxDA Interaction 16 event but these two days were focussed on design education. I wrote this piece on the Digital Skills Academy blog.

I possibly reported on Andy Budd’s talk a little uncritically. His discussion centred on the failings he perceives in design education, particularly in Britain. This was in the same vain as the Medium article he published in January that took educators to task for failing their students:

I want my tax funded education system to produce well rounded members of society; individuals who are interested in following their passions and who have been taught the tools to learn and think. Sadly digitally focussed courses, in the UK at least, are failing on even these most basic standards.

Educator Jonathan Baldwin posted a rejoinder to this in February that I should have mentioned titled ‘No, digital design education is not broken’ in which he takes the industry vs education enmity to task:

I’ve been involved in educational development for over 15 years and as well as a great deal of excellent practice, I’ve seen some bad and outdated practice. But I’ve seen plenty of professional designers turning out appalling apps, websites, and advertising campaigns and I don’t write articles telling the world that the design industry is broken.

I would recommend reading both.

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