Multiple Choice GIFT Editor for Moodle


Moodle certainly won’t win any awards for usability and creating quizzes within it should be easier than it is. Multiple choice questions tend to  be your best bet since they’re the less prone to error. One of the formats that is supposed to make life easier for batch importation of questions is the GIFT format however it’s more like something that was written by developers for other developers. Here’s an example:

 // question: 1 name: Grants tomb
::Grants tomb::Who is buried in Grant's tomb in New York City? {
~No one
#Was true for 12 years, but Grant's remains were buried in the tomb in 1897
#He was buried in France

With that in mind I had a go at creating something a little more user friendly – a GIFT Convertor that makes sense to humans. Just populate with your questions and answers and copy and paste the resulting text into a text file that is imported to Moodle.

There’s still a bit of work to be done but it’s easier than fiddling with the likes of above.

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